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Fragment Analysis Service Revision Notice:
Starting from January 2022, Psomagen will be concentrating our service to internal size standards 500 LIZ and 1200 LIZ only. We will no longer be providing size standards 120ROX, 350ROX, 400HD, and 600LIZ.

Fragment Analysis encompasses a wide variety of genotyping, DNA profiling, and mutation detection techniques for a/an medical, environmental, and agricultural research. Psomagen Corp. provides the Fragment Analysis based on our accumulated experiences and knowledge in genomics. In general, this service is used to only check amplified fragment sizes. As PCR amplification is not available through this service, fluorescent-labeled PCR products should be supplied as Microsatellite Analysis (VNTRs) samples.

Service Applications :
⚬ Microsatellite Instability
⚬ Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Analysis
⚬ Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) Analysis
⚬ Relative Fluorescent Quantization - Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH), Aneuploidy Assays, and
  Large Chromosomal Deletion Detection
⚬ Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) provides a useful tool for estimation of genetic diversity and
  phenetic relationships in natural and domesticated populations.
Service Type
  • ⚬ Standard Run
    1. ⚬ Client will submit fluorescent labeled PCR Products.
    2. ⚬ Client will select internal size standard: 500LIZ or 1200 LIZ.
  • ⚬Run-Only
    1. ⚬Client will submit premix of fluorescent labeled PCR products, Hi-Di Formamide, and G5 Dye Set size standard.
    Service Prep
      1. ⚬ PCR Product Concentration: 10-20 ng/ul
      2. ⚬ Sample volume: 20 ul
      3. ⚬ When preparing for shipment, all samples should be covered with light-restricting materials such as an aluminum foil and packaged with dry ice/cold packs.

    3730xl Raw Data (.fsa) / extra charge_ Size standard-1200LIZ
    Peaks of allele (.pdf) and genotype table (Excel) is available upon request for additional charge.
    Turn Around Time & Sample Storage
    1. ⚬ Standard Run: 3-4 Business days.
    2. ⚬ Condition Optimization: 4-5 Business days.
      1. ⚬ Condition Optimization Service (Available Upon Request) - Pre-QC for new clients or existing clients with a new set of samples/project to ensure most compatible condition between the samples and the instruments.
    3. ⚬All submitted samples will be stored for 5 days from the date of arrival.