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Psomagen offers DNA sequencing using state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation to generate high quality sequence data at affordable prices. We have successfully sequenced countless samples of PCR products, plasmids, and BACs from clients all over the world. Our DNA sequencing services are highly rated for fast turnaround time, quality of results, and competitive prices.

Psomagen offers single primer extension DNA sequencing for plasmids and PCR products. We utilize highly automated system to allow rapid and accurate processing. Ready-to-Run option is available for both Single Tube and Plate orders.

We accept clones, plasmids DNA, un-purified and purified PCR Products in 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 8-strips. This option is recommended for less than 60 samples. Samples can be submitted in premixed state or template/primer separately.

For large number of samples over 60, we recommend using this option. We accept clones, plasmids, un-purified or purified PCR Products in 96-well plate as well. Samples can be submitted in premixed state or template/primer separately.

* Note:
- Well-to-well difference in concentration may impact quality of result for plate orders. When preparing samples, please be advised to have the concentration consistent throughout the plate as much as possible.
- Free retrial is not available for plate sequencing service. Any retrial request will be regarded as a new order and charged accordingly.

1 primer / 1plate
"1 Primer / 1 Plate" refers to plate sequencing using one primer throughout the plate. Individual sample name is not required but only the plate name. The result will be provided in the order of [plate-name]-[well-position]-[primer-name] as shown below:

In order to utilize this service, the following criteria must be met:

- Samples must be submitted in a 96-well plate.
- Only a single primer must be used to the entire plate.
multi primers / 1plate
"Multiple Primers / 1 Plate" service allows multiple primers to be used in a 96-well plate. For example, the first 48 samples can be sequenced using a forward primer and the other 48 samples can be sequenced using a reverse primer. Extra charge will be applied for each additional primer. In case of using three or more primers in a plate, we highly recommend sending us the DNA template and primer premixed in a plate or arranging primers in a separate plate that pairs with the templates.