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How long can you store my primer (Primer Storage Policy)?
I would like to pay for my order(s). What are my payment options?
Do I need to use on-line system all the time?
What kind of computer system is required for online system?
What are your preferred methods of purification?
Are failed reactions re-sequenced automatically?
How long does it take to get my results back?
I cannot open AB1 files.
How long are results available to view on your website?
Why have I not received an arrival notice for my samples yet?
If a pickup service is available, when will your courier come to collect my samples?
Do you provide discounts for large volume of samples?
Do I need to put dry ice or any chilling material in the parcel?
What is the average read length?
What kind of machines are you using?
Where can I find the sequences of the universal sequence primers that you use?
How much is it to run the samples with unsatisfactory results again?
It seems that only a partial number of samples were processed. What happen to the rest of the samples?
I cannot unzip the result file.
I haven't received my results yet.
How can I order?
How long are my samples kept in the freezer at Psomagen?
Should I send the primers along with the tempate DNA?
How much concentration of primer and plasmid is required for one reaction?
Fedex is not available in my location. How can I send the samples?
Where should we ship the samples?
Can we get back the samples that we sent?