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There are two methods of submitting an order.
      1. You can fill out the form provided below and send it to us via email (customerservice@psomagen.com).
          Our associates will then manually enter the information into our system.
          -Psomagen Order Form.xlsx-
      2. If you prefer submitting an order using your online account, log in to our webpage and proceed to the “Place an Order”
           link. On the first page, you will be asked to provide general information about your samples and billing information.
          The second page, titled “Reaction Information,” deals with detailed sample information and we recommend importing.
          an Excel Template to make the process easier. The Excel Template, which is provided below, is different from
          the form mentioned previously, as it has been altered to make it compatible to our online system when importing.
          As such, the form mentioned in method 1 cannot be used for importing.
          -LIMS Rxn Data -

NOTE: We recommend customers to submit their orders online, as it reduces the possibility of operator error when our
associates manually transcribes your sample information from excel to our system. It also reduces the chance of your
email being overlooked, as we receive a large volume of emails that need to be sorted.