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Samples and primers can be submitted in 1.5 ml tubes, strip tubes or 96 well PCR plates.

As for the DNA samples in water or TE, bacterial cells in agar-stab, or agar plate culture, temperature control is not necessary. Samples are stable for a few days at room temperature.

a) Single tube order :
- Agar-stab/Agar-plate culture can be shipped at room temperature.
- Glycerol stock should be enclosed with dry ice.
- We recommend to send samples/primers in 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes.
- Complimentary re-sequencing service is included if failed reactions are verified with reasonable reasons.

b) Plate order:
- We recommend 8 strip caps to seal the plates.
*-U-bottom and Flat-bottom plate are not accepted.
If you would like to use multiple primers with your plate order, the most cost-effective method is to provide “Mirror” plate of samples and primers.
- Re-sequencing is additionally charged.
* Note:
- Please prepare samples to avoid any well-to-well concentration difference or size difference for
  quality results.

c) Primer :
- Universal primers are provided for free of charge (ex. M13F, T7, T3)
- We have primer design and synthesis service.

- Sealing of 96 Well Plates
- Strip caps are recommended to seal 96-well plates.
- Carefully seal the 96 well plates with strip caps (8-strips or 12-strips) or polypropylene films
   (relatively thick and malleable).
- Aluminum sealing or polyester films are not recommended.

Place samples into strip-capped well plate as shown below.
To avoid potential damage, please use out-skirted well plate.

Seal tightly to avoid sample evaporation or contamination during transit.

Unsatisfactory results due to improper sample preparation or shipping by customer will be charged for re-sequencing.