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EZ-Seq and EZ-Care are pre-paid DNA sequencing services devised to eliminate complicated ordering process. Instead of filling out an order sheet for sample and primer information, you are only asked to enter the number of reactions you would like to request. You will be given a barcoded label per each tube or plate which will serve as an identifier for your sample(s). Samples must be in premixed state and in-house universal primers cannot be used for Ez-Seq and Ez-Care services. Barcoded label will be provided upon receiving payment.
EZ-Seq single direct
Each sequencing reaction has one single label assigned. Re-run service is NOT included.
Ez-Seq plate direct
A single label is assigned for one 96-well plate. Re-run service is NOT included. The well position will be used as the identifier of the samples.

EZ-Care single direct
Each sequencing reaction is assigned with a single label.1 Free re-run service is included.

How to use EZ-Seq / EZ-Care service
How to prepare samples
- 5µl of 50ng/µl PCR product + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer
- 5µl of 100ng/µl plasmid + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer
How to use the barcode labels
A barcode label is made of two parts. One is for your own record keeping, and the
other one is for attaching on the tubes or plates.
**When attaching the labels on your tubes, please start from the arrow side and roll it around so the label can overlap itself. For plate label, please attach anywhere on the top of the lid. It is important to make the barcode visible in order to scan properly. The invoice enclosed in the shipping package along with the labels. You may purchase labels ahead of time and you may share them with your colleagues.

**When submitting samples, please include the email address to which the results should be sent. Otherwise, all results will be sent to the email address of the account holder to whom the labels were originally issued.