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Additional services such as Plasmid DNA preparation, PCR amplification and PCR product purification are available in addition to DNA sequencing reactions. We also offer sequence assembly and analysis options as per request.

Psomagen performs DNA extraction in mass production service from cell culture to DNA preparation upon customer's request. Antibiotics information is required.

Psomagen performs PCR service with the template and the primer set to be provided by customer. PCR condition, primer Tm value, predicted product size, primer concentration, and template concentration are required. We conduct PCR optimization process for each primer set for high quality of PCR products from gDNA. Primer design and synthesis can also be done with extra charge

Psomagen provides purification service using Exo-SAP protocol prior to sequencing reaction for non-purified PCR products. Un-purified PCR products may result in sequencing failure.

Psomagen provides DNA amplification service using RCA method. This is an alternative option to traditional plasmid preparations in the amplification of template DNA. We now accept bacterial colony as a starting material for DNA sequencing. RCA offers high DNA yield and quality result with fast turnaround time.